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Noticed a problem with your car brakes? It’s vital that you get them checked immediately to make sure you’re driving safely. Luckily for you, here at Budjet Tyres & MOT we offer a free brake check so you’ve got no excuse to come and see us!

This complete check covers your brake discs, pads, shoes and drums. We can then offer you expert advice on any brake pad replacement or other repair work necessary to bring your vehicle back up to speed.

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What are the warning signs?

Early detection of brake problems could help you avoid a nasty accident. Listen out for a grinding noise – this could mean brake pad replacement is necessary. Also look out for any pulling, pulsing or resistance – you could have faulty mechanics, a brake fluid leak or faulty brake discs. Failing that, look out for the flashing light on the dashboard!

How often should you change brake fluid?

The force you apply to the brake pedal is transferred through the brake fluid to the wheel. This generates heat which can affect the boiling point of the fluid. Excessive heavy braking could cause the liquid to overheat, become a gas and cause brake failure. Therefore we recommend changing the fluid every two years, with regular boiling point checks in between.
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